Meet the Nominees


Sara Meinert
Hello fellow APA members! I have been your Treasurer for 10 years now and I have enjoyed being the Treasurer for an outstanding organization. I have been nominated for the President position and I will continue to work hard for our organization. Thank you for considering me for your President.

Vice President

Chris Rochester
Hello my name is Chris Rochester. I’ve been hunting Coon, Bear, and occasionally Bobcat’s with Plott’s for a little over a decade. My passion when I first started hunting Plott’s was Coon Hunting but after my first Bear Hunt with hounds that quickly changed. If I’m elected Vice President I will dedicate myself to helping grow the association so APA will continue to thrive for future generations. My passion for the Plott Breed started after attending one of the Big National’s events in Blacksburg SC over a decade ago. As the new kid on the block I was welcomed by countless smiling faces and some of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. Most of those have become friends over years since then. I look forward to the challenges and opportunities to serve as APA Vice President if elected by my peers. God Bless And Keep It Brindle.

Shelby Silver
Hello APA members! I am from Western NC where we hunt bears with Plott hounds. I am married with 3 boys. All my boys love the hounds, but the wife, not so much. I have been nominated for the VP position. I am willing to give it my best shot and do what is needed for the club to succeed and thrive to carry on for generations to come. I have been around Plott dogs and the APA most of my life. I have been more active in APA for the last 6-7 years. A huge thank you to Todd Robinson, John Wayne McCurry and Justin Gurley for the help getting me fully committed to the APA organization.


Amanda Krueger
Hello fellow APA members! My husband and I have had the passion for hunting our whole lives. My husband, Nick, introduced me to the sport when I was in high school, and I haven’t turned back since. Some of my closest relationships have formed with those who share the same love for hunting. Our two children, Colton and Becca are following in our footsteps and are just as involved as we are. I’m interested in serving the APA as a way to give back to something we care about and believe in. I want to maintain the strong backbone of the organization, along with bringing fresh and new ideas to the Association. I’ve had the pleasure of attending Breed Days a few years back, and took direction for the APA to help where needed. My main involvement has been working with the WBHA event in Wausau, WI for the last 3-4 yrs, assisting setting up, sales, and memberships. Thank you for considering my nomination for Treasurer. I look forward to further involvement with the APA.

Tracy Woodruff
I’m Tracy Woodruff from Lenoir, NC. My husband owned plotts prior to us meeting and we got back into the plott hounds in 2019 with 2 of our own. I love the breed and I’ve enjoyed hunting with my husband for 5 years now. Thank you goes to John Jackson for blessing our marriage in 2019 and by honoring us with performing the ceremony. We have ended up with currently 9 exceptional plotts from our breeding and from lines from excellent breeders. I have learned so much from the older generations of APA members and charter members. I am nothing but blessed from all the pioneers of the plott hound world. We have had 2 litters of our own. This breed is one that tugs at the heart strings and it was hard saying goodbye to the pups we had. But, we have a line to build from forward that we are so proud of. Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to hopefully be more present with the APA organization. When it comes to keeping the books, I have a degree in accounting and have worked in accounting for 20 plus years. Thank you for your consideration.

Board of Directors

Gary “G.T.” Beaty
Hello everyone! This is Gary Beaty , I am running for board of directors. I live in Ten Mile Tennessee. I have owned Plott hounds since 1976. I am a UKC bench show judge and hunt director for 35 years. I own GTs feed and hunting supply . I have been in business for 34 years. I support and donate to the APA.

John Beavers
Hello APA membership, I’m John Beavers from Tucker County, West Virginia. I would be pleased to serve on the board and help out with our events. I have been an APA member since 1996 and have raised and hunted Plott Hounds on Bear, Coon and Hogs for the past 30 years. I would be honored to give back to the association that has given me and my family so much enjoyment over the years.

Mark Dufresne
Hello APA members, my name is Mark Dufresne and I live in Maine. I was honored to be nominated for a board position. I saw my first bear killed to a pack of Swampland Plotts when I was 9 or 10 I guess. I have never forgot those brindle dogs and I have spent years learning bloodlines and breeding strategies to better my dogs and breed better Plotts. I believe the Plott dog is the greatest big game dog on earth. While I love the versatility of a multi game dog, I will always do what I can to see they maintain their legendary reputation in the woods on dangerous game. I have lost track of how long I’ve been a member of APA but I have helped judge some events at Breed Days as well as some set up. I usually try to provide plenty of material and few years back, and took direction for the APA to help where needed. My main involvement has been working with the WBHA event in Wausau, WI for the last 3-4 yrs, assisting setting up, sales, and memberships. Thank you for considering my nomination for Treasurer. I look forward to further involvement with the APA.

Josh Haney
Hello Everyone! My name is Josh Haney, I’m 34 years old and live in a little town in the Smoky Mountains called Robbinsville NC. I’m blessed to have a great wife named Lindsey, and two sweet daughters, Ellie and Emilia. They also love to bear hunt and love plott dogs! I am honored to be nominated for board of directors, and would enjoy doing my part for the APA community and the Plott dogs! I have hunted all my life, and got my first registered plott in 2011. I have been hooked ever since! We mostly hunt bear, but will get young dogs started on hogs and coons. I have been blessed over the years getting to meet/know several people in the plott world. A few that have really helped me with dogs and knowledge are Eric Sellers, Ronnie Bateman, Roy Clark, Ira Jones and Mark Dufresne. I owe a lot to these gentlemen. Most of all, I’d like to thank the good Lord for saving me!

Alex Recker
I was born and raised in NW Ohio in the small town of Cloverdale. Locally we have a fantastic coon population which is where most of my experience lies. I am volunteering my youth, energy, and passion for plott hounds to serve the masses on the APA Board. I have only been a member of the APA for a few short years and have been greatly impressed by the passion and dedication from its leader’s as well as its membership! Plott dogs are my thing, they bring me the greatest of pleasures in life and I would consider it a great honor to serve on the APA board. I hope to bring my knowledge of the coon hound world and learn from the many members the big game side of the association.

Katie Woodward
Hello fellow APA members! I was born and raised in Madison, Virginia. I have been your Vice President for the past two years and I am currently nominated for Board of Directors position. I started coon hunting and showing Redbone Coonhounds with my family when I was a teenager. In 2012, I met my husband, Jason Woodward, and went on my first bear hunt with Plott Hounds in the Summer of 2013; From then on I was hooked! Fast forward to 11 years later and we are still coon/bear hunting and competing nationally in Bench and All Breed shows with our Plott Hounds. My husband and I also coordinate the APA’s Virginia event, the “Dixie Classic”. This year made our 5th year having the event. I enjoy helping the APA with new and exciting ideas and no matter the outcome of this election I still plan and be involved in the Association.