American Plott Association Inc.
"A Breed Apart"
What's going on in the APA
APA Breed Days is on us!  The address is 3785 Howells Ferry Rd.  Hickory Grove, SC
Events Begin Thursday afternoon with Coon Treeing, Bear Treeing and Coon Agression events.
Friday brings Hog baying, Water Races, Drag Races, coon and bear treeing events through out the day and a bunch of visiting.
Saturday we will have our annual APA Membership Meeting at 10:30 AM
The rest of the Day will feature Bear Baying events, A Youth Bench Show, a Kids puppy raffle and plenty of coon and bear treeing events
through out the day.

This year we will feature the first ever WTDA Sanctioned Hog and Bear Baying competitions.  Winning registered dogs will be awarded
champion points.  See WTDA delegate John Gossett for more info.  
Note that not all of our events are WTDA Sanctioned, so everyone is welcome.
Hope to see you there!

Check out our new APA Hoodies on our membership page!  They are hot off the press.