American Plott Association Inc.
"A Breed Apart"
What's going on in the APA
We are nearing the proofing stage of our 2015 Brindle Book project.  That is the last step before printing.  

Thanks to everyone that took time to participate in our annual election process.  Special Award winners will be presented at Breed Days.
The Officer and Directors winners are as follows:
Vice President, Bob Plott
Secretary, Sherry Grigg
3 Year Director. Roy Stiles
3 Year Director, Tricia Butler

Both our proposed ammendments recieved majority favor but lacked the percentage of votes required to make a change to the current

On the question pertaining to relocating Breed Days, Voters showed a 60% majority opinion that they would prefer to see Breed Days held in a
different location.  We have a Board Meeting Scheduled for November 30th and at that time we will discuss the event location.