American Plott Association Inc.
"A Breed Apart"
What's going on in the APA
Our 2016 Election has yielded the following results for the upcoming 2017 year:
President David Williams (2017-2018)
Vice President Ronnie Arp (2017)
Secretary Sherry Grigg (2016-2017)
Treasurer Sara Meinert (2017-2018)
Director Roy Stiles (2016-2018)
Director John Gossett (2017-2019)
Director Heath Phillips (2017-2019)
Director Gary Bowen (2015-2017)
Director Bryan Smith (2015-2017)
Director Tricia Butler (2016-2018)

Congratulations to the winner of our prestigious 2017 Frank Methven Award, Eddie Hoge

Thank you everyone that has been out to participate in one of our dog events this year.  We have had a great time with some of the new
events.  We are now focusing on producing this years 2017 Brindle Book.  Please send in any material you would like to be included in this
years edition by July 16.  No exceptions.  Our book will feature all color ads this year.  You have the convenience of paying for your ad
online on our Brindle Book page of the website if you would like.  Please email book material to